Nobuyoshi Araki Photobook Exhibition: Ararchy
March 11 - July 29, 2012
During his lifetime as a photographer, Nobuyoshi Araki has remarkably produced more than 400 photography books. This oeuvre, unmatched anywhere in the world, is a manifestation of Araki’s belief that the photography book is the very core of a photographer’s activity. Araki also says, “I called myself Ararchy because I wanted anarchy,” and he has remained in the spotlight since his early years through a steady stream of attention-grabbing projects, especially his provocative nude photography. While publishing this massive body of work without interruption, he stepped out from behind the camera and exposed himself to the media in an unprecedented manner, establishing and cementing his place not as a cameraman or artist but as a “photographer (Shashinka).”

In this exhibition, virtually all of Araki’s 400-plus books—from the early scrapbooks he produced while working for Dentsu advertising agency, to his most recent work—will be displayed for visitors to physically examine. By touching the ink and paper, smelling the scents, and turning the pages of the books, visitors will get closer to the essence of “Ararchy” than they can in a typical exhibition, while experiencing firsthand the originality of the Japanese cultures of photography and publishing.

Highlights of the Exhibition
• Visitors can touch the photography books
By actually touching this collection of nearly every book that Nobuyoshi Araki has produced, visitors can directly experience the path Photographer Ararchy has taken over the half century of his career.

• Rare books can be projected or viewed on monitors
A number of books that are rare and cannot be handled can be viewed by turning their pages via projectors and display monitors.

• Screening of the “Arakinema” series
All of the works in the series of slideshows called “Arakinema,” which Araki has produced in parallel with his photography books, will be shown during the exhibition.

• Rare copies of his early Xeroxed Photo Albums will be exhibited
23 volumes (including unnumbered volumes) of this legendary series of photography books printed on a Xerox machine, self-published in 1970 in a limited edition of 70 copies, will be exhibited.

• New prints from his most recent book (the exhibition catalogue, scheduled for June release) will be exhibited

Exhibition Catalogue

Ararchy Photobook Mania ¥2,100 (tax included)

 292 pages, 18.9 × 12.6 cm, Japanese/English
 ISBN: 978-4-904257-13-5

・New work "'11 3.11"
・Complete list of Nobuyoshi Araki Publications, 1970-2012
・24 essays: Rem Koolhaas, Robert Frank, Beat Takeshi, Yayoi Kusama,
 Takuma Nakahira, Yutaka Takanashi...

< Two dialogues will be held>
1. Opening Event
“Why Photography Books?”
Nobuyoshi Araki and Shino Kuraishi (critic)
March 11, 2012 2:30 pm – 4:30 pm

2. Special Event
“The Mandala Universe of Araki-bon!”
Nobuyoshi Araki and Kotaro Iizawa (photography critic)
June 10, 2012 2:30 pm – 4:30 pm

Reservations required by phone (Tel: 055-989-8780). Admission included in the ticket for the exhibition.