The Izu Photo Museum Collection

21 April – 29 September 2013

Nobuyoshi Araki, Yuki Kimura, Hiroshi Sugimoto, Noguchi Rika, Seiichi Furuya, Taiji Matsue
Seiichi Furuya, Izu, 1978, 2006, Chromogenic print ©Seiichi Furuya
Three full years have passed since Izu Photo Museum opened in 2009. On this occasion, we will hold a collection exhibition, centered on works featured in exhibitions the museum has mounted to date.

One of the things that photography made possible was the viewing once again of events that have passed. This special character of photography is so self-evident that we are rarely conscious of it, but it plays a key role for a variety of photographers and their work. When Hiroshi Sugimoto took the paper negatives of William Henry Fox Talbot, one of the inventors of photography, and made new prints based on his own interpretation, he shined new light on images from the past. Over the course of twenty years, Seiichi Furuya has continually re-edited portraits of his wife, who took her own life in East Berlin; the process has been a means of confronting the past. Likewise, since the advent of photography in the 19th century, portraits of the deceased were often made into accessories or combined with locks of hair, to be treasured by families in remembrance of their loved ones.

This exhibition will feature photographs ranging from the anonymous photographers and craftsmen of over a century ago, to the work of contemporary artists such as Nobuyoshi Araki, Taiji Matsue, Yuki Kimura, and Noguchi Rika. It will explore the theme of “re-encounters” through photography in a variety of dimensions.

Hiroshi Sugimoto, Photogenic Drawing—Believed to be Mlle. Amélina Petit, Talbot Family Governess, circa1840–1841,
2008, Toned gelatin-silver print
© Hiroshi Sugimoto
Makers unknown (United States), Portrait of a girl in glass paperweight, c.1910s
Gelatin silver photograph, woven human hair, glass, black felt.
Nobuyoshi Araki, Tokyo Biyori (Tokyo Fair Weather), 1993/2012, Gelatin silver print ©Nobuyoshi Araki

William Heine, Bay of Wodowara [Odawara Bay] (from Narrative of the Expedition), 1856. Lithograph
Noguchi Rika, Hand and Rainbow, 2010, Chromogenic Print ©Noguchi Rika
Yuki Kimura, 7 24 & 138-11, 2010, 2 Chromogenic prints mounted on alpolic, framed, Diptych ©Yuki Kimura
Related Events

■ Lecture
Rika Noguchi (photographer)
April 29 (Monday), 2:30–4 pm
Limited to 150 people, free, registration required (please phone 055-989-8780)
Place: Clematis no Oka Hall (adjacent to Izu Photo Museum)

■ Film Screening
“Hiroshi Sugimoto: Memories of the Beginning”
(Dir. Yuko Nakamura, prod. by TV Man Union and WOWWOW, 2011, 83 min)
May 26 (Sunday) Two screenings, 11:15–12:40 and 2:15–3:40 pm
Limited to 150 people, admission free with exhibition entry ticket
Place: Clematis no Oka Hall (adjacent to Izu Photo Museum)

■ Dialogue
“Regarding the Photographer Seiichi Furuya”
Kisei Kobayashi (photographer) and Masashi Kohara (museum curator, filmmaker)
June 23 (Sunday), 2:30–4 pm
Limited to 150 people, free, registration required (please phone 055-989-8780)
Place: Clematis no Oka Hall (adjacent to Izu Photo Museum)

■ Curator’s Gallery Talk
Every Saturday, 2:15 pm (about 30 minutes)
Free with exhibition entry ticket (please gather at the exhibition entrance)

Taiji Matsue, ALPS 18444, 2012, Chromogenic print ©Taiji Matsue